Dance Lesson #1 VOGUEING

2019/ video, installation, sculptures/ 10 minutes

This work is about the choreography and social sculpture. In the work, ISOMURA will collaborate with choreographers and create new choreography which tempo is extremely slow. For example, in usual, dance will be choreographed with music which BPM is around 40-200, but the artist will make choreography with 0.0006944 BPM  (just as an example, not yet fixed), which means that there is only one beat in one day. So there will be only few moves in one day. As normal choreography will not specify the motion between the specified moves, the artist also will not specify the motion of the dancers between the two moves so that the dancers can just spend their normal life between the two moves, and yet, at the same time, their life during the choreography is included in the dance. Or, this choreography can be much slower than 0.0006944 BPM so that one move could be done in decades, centuries or longer. But, the move must be done at the same place so one needs to imagine the future, if there is the same building in the same place; if there will be a tree where one needs to do some steps; if the place is still a safe place, and so on…

This project has the experimental element which ask the question if this dance affect their life during the choreography. ISOMURA would like to think with the audience if this super slow choreography would affect the dancers’ motion, attitude, or imagination in their normal life. Furthermore, he considers the aesthetics of each dance style would affect differently. As the beginning of this project, the artist would collaborate with choreographers of “Vogueing” which was invented to make the dancers become the most fabulous queen, no matter which sexualities, race, social class in their realities. He would like to ask: could this extremely slow choreography expand the one night magic of Vogueing?

In the exhibition this work would show video works and text, which are like tutorials for the choreography. In which, there will be the dancer’s sculptures and installation and some sound installation.

About the artist


Dan ISOMURA (b. 1992, Tokyo) lives and works in Tokyo. ISOMURA obtained his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Oil Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016 and received honours from Genron Chaos Lounge New Art School in 2017. He creates artworks by various kinds of media such as video, installation, sculptures, paintings, and so on presenting his transnational aspect based on the research about the modern history, the religious art, and the folk art mainly in Asian countries.

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