That’s one small step for mankind, One giant leap for species.

2019 / Mixed media
Exhibition cooperation: LIN Yi-Hsiu

About the artist

KUO I-Chen

Through multiple media, including new media, installation, and video, KUO I-Chen creates his unique poetic artistic language. He concerns the floating state of human spirit and keeps searching for the disappearing belongingness in modern environment. In the status of non-existence, he attempts to explore the essence of life. In 2005, KUO became the youngest artist ever to represent Taiwan in the Venice Biennial. He was the winner of Taipei Art Award in 2005 and the 6th Taishin Arts Award Top 5 Selection in 2008. In 2016, he published picture book A Babytooth fallen out of the Universe,and in 2017 he founded STUPIN, an artist studio swapping platform. Important exhibition experience included Taipei Biennial, Singapore Biennial, Sydney Biennial, Seoul International Media Art City Biennial, ZKM and other major museums across the world. His works keep being invited to various international exhibitions in recent years.

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