Delayed Youth

2019/Mixed media

Delayed Youth is set in the year 2050, Taiwan. In this futuristic world, conservative groups have successfully taken hold of political resources through referendums and by taking an aggressive stand in political participation, and are instigating the Ministry of Health and Welfare to change policies on gender and sexuality. By collaborating with the Endocrinology Department and pediatricians, these groups use medication for sexual precocity to control sexual maturity among adolescents. The government works alongside local hospitals to distribute medicine on a regular basis so that parents can give the medication to children who have not yet reached puberty.

By applying medical technology, the government is able to postpone the puberty of all adolescents in the nation. Children only reach sexual maturity at the age of eighteen; in other words, this treatment allows the stages of sexual maturity to synchronize with the lawful age of sexual intercourse. This means that no adolescent will have secondary sexual characteristics before reaching high school, reducing sexual desire brought forth by hormones during the student years, therefore lowering the likelihood of sex-related problems. This project presents a series of dystopian scenarios to construct a fabricated world of extremes, inspiring the masses to contemplate on the individuality of adolescents and the issue of sex.

About the artist

Kuang-Yi KU

Kuang-Yi KU (b. 1985, Taipei) recently bases in the Netherlands and Taiwan. He has graduated with triple master degrees with social design from Design Academy Eindhoven, dentistry from National Yang-Ming University and communication design from Shih Chien University. He is a practicing dentist, a bio-artist and a social designer. He also co-founded TW BioArt (Taiwan bioart community) to stimulate the fields of BioArt and Science+Art in Taiwan.

His Tiger Penis Project has been awarded Gijs Bakker Award 2018, the annual prize for the best project by a graduating master’s student in Design Academy Eindhoven. He has also won the 1st prize of Taipei Digital Art Awards in 2015 with The Fellatio Modification Project, where he involves body modification, gender studies, queer theories, and dentistry all together. His work often deals with human body, sexuality, interspecies interaction and medical technology, aiming to investigate the relationships among technology, individual and environment.

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