Heritage tour

2019 / Wireless headphone, guide map, space planning, memorial steles, signs

“I want this to be known: that there were no nameless heroes here; that they were people with names, faces, longings and hopes” - Julius Fučík

This Heritage Tour is a one-of-a-kind experience, whereby visitors could see one of the cruelest chapters in human history. A “sample” concentration camp is offered for people to experience the living conditions, jail cells, surveillance system, and the dark, segregated isolation room where hundreds of thousands of victims were placed in back in the day. This place that used to be hell on earth for those victims will be presented for all to see, and it will serve as a reminder of how people once hurt each other for some preposterous reasons.

First and foremost, the tour is free. Please begin by picking up a headset and a tour map from the service counter. Large bags are not allowed inside the camp. Our staff will assist you at the entrance to check your bags. Please bring only a minimum number of items with you (i.e. water, camera) during the tour.

Please note the following prior to starting the tour:

1.Historical buildings, including the walls and the paint on them, are very fragile. Please refrain from touching the walls and any other exhibited objects that you see on the tour.

2.Please move according to the directions you hear from the headset. Please do not leave in the middle of the tour and interrupt other visitors’ tour.

3.Even though this is an audio-guided tour, we encourage you to try to engage in the experience as much as possible.

4.Some of the exhibits in the camp are not to be photographed. In order to provide a realistic participatory experience to all, please be sure to follow the rules.

5.The experience may involve physical or verbal discomfort or offense. Please proceed at your own discretion.

About the artists


LIU Yu (b. 1985) lives and works in Taipei. Employing a variety of mediums such as video, installation, and texts, LIU’s gradually developing a series of field studies of documentary nature as a kind of working methodology in relation to her artistic practice. A series of works are later created with a research focus on less visible communities marginalized by structural societal factors. The existence of these communities often reflects the intricacies of its contemporary society; furthermore, offers a sample of a specific historical moment with regard to a grander context –– a boundary-breaking reexamination that helps disrupt strictly defined scientific methodologies and the science institution with which we are all too familiar with.

WU Sih-Chin

WU Sih-Chin (b. 1985, Tainan) mostly uses the form of sculpture as the media sampling his personal experience. Referring to the method of modeling, WU makes sculpture that emphasizes the process and narrative. His recent works take a turn to focus on the situation of humans, animals, and nature.

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