The Taipei Twin Peaks Eco and Cultural Park: a Super Evolutionary City Development Plan

2019 / 8 channel video, mixed  media / 30 minutes loop

The Taipei Twin Peaks Eco and Cultural Park: a Super Evolutionary City Development Plan is a fictional construction project/development plan, as a measurement concerning with the urban environment and land issue. The project starts by presenting the living requirements and imagination of different social class on psychological and health aspects.

Nowadays, while facing problems of urban planning and execution, the artist comes up with a land development project in a parallel universe. The project puts together the residential living aspects and institutional thinking to evoke people on how urban planning affects daily lives. Perhaps there is an invisible train of thoughts on urban construction hiding at the back of absurd events. Could we rethink and reimagine the possibilities of a city regarding living, environmental, cultural, and ethnic aspects from the stories and interviews that combines truth and fiction?

The project consists of two phases. In the first phase, before the exhibition opening, the role-playing (fictional) professionals would interpret the development project with diverse perspectives in the form of interviews to expose to the online media. There would also be correspondent ads and installations on the site. The second phase will take place at the exhibition’s opening. The results of the first phase, videos, discussion and events, would be uncovered. On the site, there will exhibit video clips, planning proposals, architectural models and papers; also, a forum with professionals on the fictional events and relevant issues will be announced as well as a C-LAB talk.

Exhibition cooperation: ANTRE + Architects

Source:TSUI Kuang-Yu

About the artist

TSUI Kuang-Yu

TSUI Kuang-Yu has been trying to respond to the adaptation relation between human and the society from a biological point of view. He also attempts to redefine or question the matrix of the institution we inhabit through different actions and experiments that ignore the accustomed norm. His repetitive body experiments accent the absurdity of the social values and reality that people have grown accustomed to.

TSUI (b.1974, Taipei) graduated from National Institute of the Arts (today Taipei National University of the Arts) in 1997 and has exhibited internationally since, including the Venice Biennale, Liverpool Biennale, Werkleitz Biennial, Reina Sofia Museum, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Contour Biennial, Chelsea Art Museum, Mori Museum, OK Centrum.

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