Insignificant Meaningful

2019 / Found Objects: lunch boxes, thermos flasks, vases, plates and bowls, antique teak wood cabinets, metal, copper, motor, electric lamp

Facing the rise of political movements with nationalist claims around the world, LARPJAROENSOOK utilises ordinary objects symbolic of different Asian countries and cultures to remind us of the syncretic nature of our societies. LARPJAROENSOOK assembles everyday objects such as lunch boxes, thermos flasks, vases, plates and bowls made from a variety of materials like ceramic, enamel and wood. This diversity and multitude of artefacts are reflective of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malay and Peranakan cultures. Though they seem insignificant in appearance, these found objects from daily life are charged with meaning as they tell the past, present and future stories of those who owned and used them. Viewed in its entirety as a single ensemble, the installation becomes a timeless metaphor for human migration.

About the artist


Torlarp LARPJAROENSOOK (b.1977, Thailand) is a multidisciplinary artist who works with a variety of media including painting, sculpture, mixed-media installation and interactive art. His practice centers on creating connections between people and contemporary art. In 2008, LARPJAROENSOOK founded Gallery Seescape in Chiang Mai, a space where art could engage with a wider audience and be integrated with everyday life. His work has been widely exhibited internationally, including the Singapore Art Museum, Singapore; “Live there live here” at Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, Japan; SNO Contemporary Art Projects, Sydney, Australia and Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, Thailand. He lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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