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WU Dar-Kuen  
Currently the Head of Curatorial Division at Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) and has been a slashie across
artist/curation/teaching/administration/writing. He was the former director of Taipei Artist Village and Treasure Hill Artist Village, chairman of Taiwan Art Space Alliance (TASA), and a curator at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts. Endeavoring to bridge art and social practices, his curatorial approach emphasizes social application and aims to challenge the ossified social and bureaucratic structures with creative actions.

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Yu Wei
Curator and art critic. Yu obtained his MA in Art History and Art Criticism from Tainan National University of the Arts in 2003, and has served as an editor for ARTCO magazine in Taiwan from 2005-2007. Covering Taiwan’s art scenes and visual culture in post-war era, he has written articles for various art journals and exhibition catalogues; and has participated in the exhibitions, View–Point: A Retrospective Exhibition of Li Yuan-chia (2014), as the UK research coordinator, and Altering Nativism: Sound Culture in Post-war Taiwan (2014), as one of the co-curators. Between 2015-16, he curated Shoot the Pianist: the Noise Scene in Taipei 1990-1995 at Peltz Gallery and organised the sound art event Formless (2016) in London. His recent curatorial projects include Broken Spectre at Taipei Fine Arts Museum (2017) and The Alternative Guide of Time (2018) at Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab). He is currently a PhD candidate in Humanities and Cultural Studies at Birkbeck (London Consortium), University of London, and the Head of Research Division of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab) in Taipei.

WANG received her MA in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College before completing the Doctorate in Anthropology from Durham University. She was the Secretary-General of Taiwan Art Space Alliance (TASA), as well as the assistant curator of “Imagining Memorial” in 2017.

- Circulation -

Chen Hsin-Chun
Former Head of Development Division and the Convener of Social Innovation platform of C-LAB, Chen is currently an independent curator, cultural practitioner and interdisciplinary urban activist. With a fruitful experience in strategic planning and social innovation, Chen has dedicated herself to cultural and art practices, and had also served in the Ministry of Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, and as the founder of the New Taipei City Military Dependents’ Village Culture Association. To promote the publicness of cultural and social conditions, she advocates participatory design as the means to break inherent systemic bias of institutional power structures. Her recent research focuses on the relations between innovative culture and social transitions.

The major curatorial and activist projects of Chen include: Anti Huashan Cultural Star Movement in 2004 (which facilitated the preservation of the historical buildings in Huashan Creative Park), Open Door Military Dependents’ Village exhibition in 2006 (which led to the preservation of the Air Force Military Dependents’ Village in Sanchong), and Academia Sinica’s Roaming Behind Historypublic art project in 2009, and Xue Xue’s A Sea to Our Children in 2016.

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