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A series of podcasts has been produced for the exhibition, “City Flip-Flop”, presented by C-LAB. The podcasts expand and probe deeper into the information and content included in the exhibition, and in addition to seeing the exhibition, the podcasts offer the audience an opportunity to listen to what we have to say when they have some time to themselves, perhaps on the way to work, when they are driving, or before going to bed. The series includes eight podcasts focusing on the three sub-categories presented in “City Flip-Flop”: “Multiplex”, “Stained” and “Circulation”, with various content extended from these topics. We would also like to invite everyone that comes to C-LAB to see the exhibition to explore C-LAB and join us as we flip and flop and shake up our city.

Producer/ Host | Gina Chu, Golden Bell Award-Winning Radio Host
Post-production/ Recording/ Sound Effect|Sound Artist Chi You Dean
Planning team|Wei Yu, Maurice Chen, Yi Sean Huang, Wen Yi Lee, I Chun Wang, Hui Shan Huang, Shu Wei Kuo, Meng Hung Shih

Ep. 1

Multiple Anthropology

Charles Song, founder of “Anthropologists for the Future”
Lee Ming-Tsung, sociology professor and host of “See You at the Market”

Ep. 2

Secrets Behind the National Museum of Taiwan History’s Collection

She Wen-Ying of “Working Hard”

Ep. 3

Circular Economy: To Build a New Paradise in City

Wu Szu-Ju of San Shi Living Lab
Fang He-Sheng of Surplus Food Restaurant - Bookhouse60

Ep. 4

Curation as a Way to Shape the Character of a City
Sunjung Kim, president of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation
Jo Hsiao, senior curator of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Ep. 5

From Soiled to Stigma

Prof. Lin Fu-Shih, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Prof. Fan, Yen-Chiou, Graduate Institute of Taiwan History, National Taiwan Normal University

Ep. 6

Don’t Listen to This, Artists! An Amateur’s View on the Exhibition
#City Flip-Flop

Chiu Jia-Chi, Golden Bell Award-Winning Radio Host
Jimmy, C-LAB Social Media Manager

Ep. 7

Circulating Good Flavors on the Dining Table

Huang Shu-Wei, Associate Professor of NTU D-School
Sophie Chiang,  Director of Reveals Books

Ep. 8

What’s in the Future for Art?

Featured Host |
Stand Up Comedian Pon Pon Yellow
Podcasters |
Artists Ku Kuang-Yi and Paul Gong

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