Ep. 3


Circular Economy: To Build a New Paradise in City

# Circulation

Podcasters|Wu Szu-Ju of San Shi Living Lab / Fang He-Sheng of Surplus Food Restaurant - Bookhouse60

Two activists of urban circular economy share with us on this podcast case examples of sustainable lifestyle and environmental conservation.  In highly developed cities, how to reuse resources in sustainable ways is an ongoing issue faced by people today, and each small step is taken with the hope of building a better future.

The vision of San Shi Living Lab is “To live a symbiotic lifestyle with the land, to led a natural way of life.” Its business mission is to promote minimal plastic use and zero waste, with consumer behaviors that cause as little environmental impact as possible advocated. The lab also comes up with different imaginative ways for living an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Fang He-Sheng has been serving as borough chief of Zhongqin Village in Zhongzheng District, Taipei for over 20 years. He has transformed an abandoned estate that used to belong to an army general into the SAA LOHAS Land (SAA stands for “South Airport Apartments”). The space has been turned into a community center, where activities, including resource donation and exchange and a cafe book house for school dropouts to learn for free how to run a coffee shop, are able to systematically take place. 

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