Ep. 5


From Soiled to Stigma


Podcasters|Prof. Lin Fu-Shih, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Prof. Fan, Yen-Chiou, Graduate Institute of Taiwan History, National Taiwan Normal University

“The World Between Us”, a much-talked-about television drama series recently aired in Taiwan, sparked public discussions on stigmas that are imposed on particular groups of people in society. How does a stigma come about? What does being tainted mean? Through the lens of history, we will dive in and explore this troubling topic.

The content of this podcast is edited from a Lab Talk held at C-LAB on July 27th, where various experiences related to stains and being unclean were discussed. With different events and perspectives examined, the connection being uncleanliness and diseases was explored, including discussions on the history of restrooms, diseases, and public health during the Japanese colonial period and onwards, and also leprosy and the stigma attached. How particular diseases and stigmatized groups of people were handled by modern ways of governance was also discussed. 

Lab Talk Moderator | Lin Meng-Ping / Police Radio Station Host

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