Ep. 6


Don’t Listen to This, Artists! An Amateur’s View on the Exhibition

# City Flip-Flop

Podcasters |Chiu Jia-Chi, Golden Bell Award-Winning Radio Host
Jimmy, C-LAB Social Media Manager

Do you know what artists are trying to convey when you see a contemporary exhibition?  How wide is the gap between Art and us? Are you a hipster-wannabe when you go to exhibitions, when you check-in on your social media accounts and try to look hip? “City Flip-Flop” is presented throughout the entire C-LAB park and includes three categories with artworks by over 50 artists and collectives. It is an exhibition so massive that some finds it hard to see everything in just one weekend. So, how should one go about seeing this exhibition? This podcast invites C-LAB’s social media manager (serving as the voice of the people) to share with us some unconventional thoughts (perhaps offensive to some?) about the exhibition.

*This podcast is intended for everyday people between the ages of 18 and 30.

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