Ep. 8


What’s in the Future for Art?


Featured Host |Stand Up Comedian Pon Pon Yellow
Podcasters |Artists Ku Kuang-Yi and Paul Gong

What would art look like in the future? Will there be room in the future for artists? Will people need art in the future? Artists Ku Kuang-Yi and Paul Gong are invited on this podcast to talk about their artworks on view in “City Flip-Flop”. The artwork “Delayed Youth” by Ku is set in the year 2050 in Taiwan, where conservative groups have successfully taken hold of political resources through referendums and by taking an aggressive stand in political participation. They are instigating the government to change policies on gender and sexuality and are using medication to delay youths from reaching puberty. “The Appendix Human” by Paul Gong explores new possibilities and new relationships with the human vestigial organ, “appendix”, imagining a parallel world to explore the future possibilities of humans and appendix that may be affected by emerging technologies.

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